Ronchamp Analysis

RISD  |  Spring 2013  |  Architectural Analysis

Professor Peter Dorsey

Notre Dame du Haut (informally Ronchamp), Le Corbusier in 1954 at Ronchamp, France


This semester-long analysis of Ronchamp began with a detailed and exact hand-drafted axonometric. When all skeletal, structural, and formal details were revealed and layered upon themselves, the information was taken into Rhino software for a three-dimensional rendering. Both processes bring a deep understanding of the building, and after such intimate study, a thesis for the building is born and revealed through an exploded axonometric, then pushed into abstraction through a series of operations.

Abstraction Ozon painting, 1946

and my layered, monochromatic interpretation

Ozon II sculpture mockette, 1962

and my layered, monochromatic interpretation

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