Urban Agri/Aquaculture Center

RISD  |  Spring 2013  |  Architectural Design

Professor Anastasia Congdon

Site: ~5000sf, right off the highway, industrial area, adjacent to growing park and near state-long bike path, riverfront a massively polluted water, repercussions of an historically factory driven economy.


Program: An urban agri/aquaculture center encompassing aquaponics, mycoculture, oystertecture, greenhouse, compost area, learning spaces, market spaces, cafe/restaurant, and administration offices.


Approach: Maintaining the view corridor of the water as approached under the highway, the site is divided into two parcels, each lifted diagonally toward the compound entrance and toward the water. the angled buildings allow for maximum sun exposure for programs such as aquaponics and greenhouse, and shift towards maximum shadow for mycoculture (mushroom growth) and compost.

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