A Museum of Kinetic Constructions

RISD  |  Spring 2014  |  Advanced Studio: In Search of Emptiness

Professor Silvia Acosta

Time's impact on this Providence site is powerful - the ever changing landscape receiving human needs - constructed river banks, 195 route, 195 tear-down. Architecture as a solid, permanent structure in the passage of time needs to respond at all scales - daily, seasonal, generational. Enclosure begins to receive these forces and reciprocate beyond to bridge solidity and permanence with the temporal and nuanced.


Programmatically, the enclosure houses sculptural constructions that move, responding to the bringing in of time's forces: kineticisms generated from the repetition of light and shadow, wind's whisper, human passage.


This project taps into that reciprocation to create a series of reveals and discoveries in enclosure and kinetic constructions to facilitate movement and connectivity not as destination-based, but as journey - bridging Downtown, the Jewelry District, and Fox Point through intuitive exploration.

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