Emily Yen grew up on the wild frontier of Anchorage, Alaska. She graduated from Dartmouth College with a studio art major, an engineering minor, and is currently attending the Rhode Island School of Design to pursue a master’s degree in architecture.


Her interests in art, design, and engineering stem from a background in music and dance as well as a natural aptitude for math and logic. In all of her work, she draws from the diverse curiosities around her – discarded objects, psychology and sociology of group mentality, the great outdoors, and day-to-day mundanities.


She is most passionate about how each project relates to people, how interacting with each piece or space may facilitate a memorable experience. Sociological and anthropological concepts drive her work; experiments in affecting change in the viewer excite her.


She is always eager to learn different problem-solving methods, discover truths in opposing viewpoints, and open her mind to an amalgamation of the world’s complexities.


Portrait by Howard Romero

Copyright 2015 Emily Singer Yen